The Look

B and I finally found the look we want for our sweet little casita, it’s the white look. It was M who first suggested it when I announced B and I were thinking about getting our own place almost two years ago. I couldn’t imagine what he was talking about, I kept thinking of it as a sort of surgical sterile place without any warmth, character or style. But sure enough, M was right and I was wrong. Now that I’ve seen it in multiple magazines, books and movies, I love it, it’s just right. M was very pleased to recieve my apologies and raves (I mean, he did think of that awesome idea more than two years before it became popular, he’s also the first guy I ever saw wearing pink shirts and slim fit clothing). Now this are some inspirational images we’re working from.

From this living room: the white plank floors, the extra wide floor boards, the mantel and the snuggly knitted blanket.

From this bedroom: the white plank floors, the no-headboard-no-footboard bed frame and the bedding (the snuggly blanket again!).

From this dinning room: the “loved” rustic furniture and the cupboards.

From this dinning area: the furniture and the wall art.

Do you like the wall art in the dinning are above? Here’s the how.

From this dinning room: the mismatched chairs.

From this kitchen: just about everything except for the tiled surfaces.



M and K, my brothers, went shopping and got me this adorable Burberry diadem and this super cute and sparkly Bebe thongs. That’s just the kind of sweet thing they’re liable to do, you know?

I decided to pull the look together with my new Coach mini skinny, so adorable. So they don’t really go together, who cares!

Craft Space

B and I just moved into our first place, a small, I mean cozy condo near downtown Dallas. Our first project was to give me a crafting space, this coat closet next to the front door is kind of perfect and just about the only place we could spare. Remember I said our place was cozy? We painted it white, put in a nice bright light, Closet Maid shelving, an Ikea desk and TA-DA! Okay, so it’s not the time to “TA-DA!” yet but I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve never had my own crafting space and this feels like a huge step up from working on the living room floor. As soon as I have a comfy chair to work on and get all my craft stuff unpacked and organized I think it’s going to be a pretty sweet place to get my craft on.

Summer Shopping

I found these super flirty summer flats and just loved them. They’re so feminine and comfortable. This are my first peep-toe shoes ever. My big toe looks so cute and girly (am not very modest, am I?). I’m feeling a pretty urgent need for some more cute summer shoes. 

I love Coach and I love patchwork, as soon as I saw this beaut I knew she just had to come home with me, and come home with me she did. Now all I need is some cute accessories, I’m thinking patchwork card cozy, change pocket, and make up bag. I feel a sewing day coming on.

Simple Sewing

When you’re short (and B and I are) it’s a real pain to wear jeans that are too long for you. Best case scenario they bunch up like in the picture below, worst case scenario you step on them, which leads to both tripping and tracking filth. In either case my unequivocal response would be “YUCK”.

After fixing all my jeans and most of my B’s, I feel like a superhero. I know hemming jeans is not the most creative exercise but it’s the closest I’ve come to doing anything remotely related to crafting in a looonng time. It was very much worth the tears of boredom I shed, B is crazy happy and can’t stop giving me raves. Me does the Rocky dance.